Angel Castings

Walk With Wings is a South Australian Charity offering free Hand and Feet Impressions to bereaved families, we are honored to assist in building and creating memories for Angel families from 16 weeks gestation to 17 years of age.

Unfortunately time is often against us in our casting process, meaning we need to be able to visit our angels within days or weeks before ceremonies and final goodbyes.

Our Impressionists are available 24 hrs a day and our team are often out on the road traveling from location to location. Our Impressionists travel to all hospitals, funeral homes, and mortuaries in South Australia at current.

Families are able to choose if they would like their impressions painted gold or silver and will be prepped, primed, painted and boxed for families to collect from our office in Salisbury North. There are many options available from here we are able to organise for the impressions to be hung, mounted or framed.

Hanging Impressions $35
Mounted Impressions with plaque $55
Framed Impressions start at $65

"There is no hand or foot too BIG or too small that it cannot leave an imprint on this world"

Our Team are Specialists in Miscarriage, Stillbirth, Infant Loss, Palliative Care, Motor Vehicle Accidents and Sudden Unexplained Child Loss from 16 weeks gestation to 17 yrs old.

Angel Framing Choices

Walk With Wings are proud to offer our families the following frames at cost price, starting at $65.00 additional frame can be purchased with the proceeds going towards supporting another frame for another family, alternatively we are able to have a custom frame made including certificates etc... at an additional cost.

To download a Frame Order Form please click here................
Please return all frame order forms to our office via Email or Postal Mail