Framed Hand and Feet Sculptures

Here at Walk With Wings we specialise in Framed Sculptures, with many different styles and types of frames available. All of our frames are custom made to suit your needs and requirements.
If you have a great idea for a layout please let us know and we are more than happy to help in any way we can.
We have sub-categorized them for ease of choice and navigation.
Our Framed Sculptures Categories are...

Our Clean finish frames are simple and elegant. They allow your sculptures a great view from every angle of the room, a framed keepsake memory to start a talking point in your living room. 

Adding a photo to your sculptures is a great way for family and visitors to reflect and visualise and also for yourselves to look back and remember those treasured memories in years to come.

Adding a certificate or poem into your frames is not a problem at all and these can also be incorporated with photo's added into the frame. We are also able to make up beautiful commemorative certificates upon request for your frames, please don't hesitate to ask.

Have you got treasured memories? Put away somewhere safe? Somewhere they see the light of day very rarely? Our collage frames are available to put all of those special items up on display for your special spot in your house.

We are able to go up to the size of 1 x 1.5m per collage box which is ample room to display all of your special treasures.

Our Unique Custom Frames are a beautiful creative frame and mat, cut into either Train or Butterfly at present with more options coming soon.

What a special treasure, your baby's ID band, clamp, Probes etc. They can have that special heartwarming place inside your frame, treasured and kept in the safest of places where they can be viewed. Available in a combination of layouts. For that extra special touch we can arrange for these to be electroplated prior to assembling frame.