Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions. If these are unhelpful and you require further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us

as we are more than happy to help in any way we can.

          Is it safe for my babies skin?

       Yes. It is a non-toxic product made from seaweed which is the same product they use to make dental impressions and is totally safe on babies skin.

What if my baby doesn't sit still through the casting?
This doesn't matter. The mould will capture whatever your baby's hand or foot is doing at the very second it sets. We recommend that your baby sits on your lap and you help to get your baby into a comfortable position. It is important that your baby feels safe and is relaxed during the casting. 

What if the casting is unsuccessful first time?
We will continue to take casts until we get a cast we are happy with. 9/10 times the first cast is successful but on occasion we do have to take additional casts - this will be at no extra cost to you.  

At what age can casting and impressions be taken?
The method we use allows us to be able to cast from 16 weeks gestation right up to adults

What products do you use for taking impressions?
Happy Castings With Wings take particular care when it comes to the quality of our products. We use only hospital grade moulding gel that is registered with the Therapeutic Goods Administration and is 100% non-toxic and safe to use on your precious baby's skin.

Will it hurt my baby/child?
NO, not at all. All materials that come in contact with your child's skin are completely non-toxic. The process itself is very gentle. Your child is required to submerge their hand/foot into the molding gel, most young babies actually like the feel of it. It will then take approximately 30 seconds for the gel to set, creating a perfect mold of your baby or child's hand or foot

How long does the casting session take?
Each cast only takes a few minutes, However, we like to leave approximately 45 minutes for a casting session to enable your child to relax, and for us to see what the best moulding process will be for your child. We also strongly advise that you make a booking time that will be suitable for your child i.e. it's not a great idea to do a cast when your child is tired, hungry, or sick. Some children will be happiest in the morning while others will be more patient in the afternoon after their nap!

What should we wear?
The person who is having the impressions taken should wear clothes that can be easily removed. It is possible for moulding gel to get on your clothes so wear clothes that you don't mind getting gel on as the gel is quite hard to get out of clothing.

How do I go about getting some impressions taken?
You can either contact us by phone, email or through the Walk With Wings Facebook page to make an appointment. 

What happens if it doesn't turn out right?
Most casts have some minor flaws to them when they first turn out such as air bubbles, which can generally be corrected. Sometimes a second casting session may be required. If there has been damage to a mould then the casting process can be repeated.

When will I receive my casting?
The delivery/completion date of items such as hand and feet castings will vary due to time of material cure, complexity, and time of year. We advise you to book ahead of time especially when purchasing for birthdays or Christmas to avoid disappointment. Generally you will receive your order within 6-7 weeks

How do I take care of my casting?
PLEASE hang your frames on a metal hook and NOT on plastic removable types. Happy Castings With Wings takes no responsibility for damaged frames due to not being hung correctly and wants to ensure your treasures last a lifetime. Repair costs will be incurred by the customer. Casts should be kept in a dry airy room like general living areas. It is not advisable to keep casts in moist rooms like bathrooms or too close to windows or heating appliances. Cleaning of casts should just be dry dusting, and no polishes or cleaning products should be used.


         Can you post my order?
Framed casts - We can post completed orders however it is a risk due to the glass on the frame and is done so at your own risk and cost. We prefer orders to be collected from ourselves to ensure the item is in perfect condition.  Alternatively we could offer delivery pending location and availability.