Fundraising an amazing reward

Fundraising can be an amazing reward or it can be a difficult task, luckily there are literally thousands of ways to fund raise and achieve you goal, from crowdfunding like everyday hero to organizing a ball or crazy Bingo night. there are many web pages with many ideas on fundraisers if you are looking for some different ideas we would suggest a quick google search.

When selecting a fundraiser make sure it is achievable and not going to put you out of pocket, for advertising and assistance with fundraisers our team may be able to assist. 

Please before undertaking any fundraising activities other than crowd funding speak to our team, we will have to approve any fundraising venture and provide you with the necessary fundraising approval forms.

Set up your personal fundraising Platform, 
 weather you are taking part in one of our fundraising events or starting your own fundraising, a GoFundraise personal platform page can take donations and can be shared on social media to attract donations to your cause and help you reach your fund raising target.

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