We would love your support 

Without the help of amazing people we can not be as amazing, we would love your help and support, there are soo many ways in which you can help to provide frames to families who have experienced the loss of a child.

Purchasing a Newborn frame

Purchase a Newborn Frame for yourself or for your family is a great way to help support our Angel frames project, Offering many different frame choices and styles we are sure to be able to create a piece of art and a lifelong keepsake for you to cherish for a lifetime.

Or why not take advantage of our Group bookings and book in a casting party at a location near you.

Head to our Newborn Page to find out more.


Starting a fundraiser can be a challenge but it can also be easy and very rewarding. 

There are hundreds of ways to fund raise possibly the easiest is to start up an everyday hero page, select Walk With Wings as your charity and share your page on social media. 

Head to our Fundraising page to find out more or for some helpful ideas on ways to fund raise.

Make a Donation

With your donation we are able to continue the amazing work our team do supporting Grieving Parents and the Australian Grief Network.

All Donations above $2.00 are tax deductible.

Head to our Donation page to find out how to make a much needed contribution to helping support Parents and their families.

Joining in a Fundraising Event

Throughout the year our Walk With Wings Team and our wonderful volunteers host many events. From Children's Walks, Adults Cycle Rides, Remembrance events and Preemie party's, join in on the fun and together lets raise funds to help support Walk With Wings. 

To find a list of Events please head to the Walk With Wings Events Page for more info.

Join our Knits and Stitches Group

Knits and Stitches is our Walk With Wings Kniting, Crochet and Sewing group. 

With Volunteers from every state in Australia our Knits and Stitches volunteers, create Beautiful Keepsakes for our Angels and for preemie packs that are given out to families that have had a baby prematurely. 

To Find out more about Knits and Stitches or to join our group and for patterns please head to our Parent site