Our teams recommended keepsakes

Framed Keepsakes, Sibling Frames and Family Frames.

Capturing a moment in a lifetime and remembering is what keepsakes are all about, what better way than capturing those hands in impressions and building a frame and a memory to share with house guests and friends and a conversation point for visitors to remember and keep memories alive of your loved one. 

Keepsake Jewelry 

Prints and Canvas

Craft Keepsake Ideas

Create a beautiful Bear to cuddle from clothes or blankets. This wonderful pattern from Country Crafts

To find the pattern head on through to  Lindsay's Blog

DIY Hand print Keychains, Made from you ink impressions or a photocopy of your ink impressions, Thank you Gray House Harbour for this walk through.

To find the walk through click Here

Christmas Baubles, a simple and amazing idea. Simply purchase clear baubles from your local craft store and place your trinkets and keepsakes inside. try using tweezers to place your items in an particular position