Special Memories

Creating A special Place.

Creating a special space for your loved one a memory table or corner where you can still care and look after their special space is a wonderous thing, where other family members can go and treasure little moments, it creates something to buy for for each special occasion and a sanctuary for those hard times.

Sending a message to heaven.

Sending helium balloons is a wonderous thing sending balloons to heaven into the sky with a small note written onto a piece of paper tied up with ribbon. 

This is an amazing memory maker for children take a moment to stop and watch as they dissapear up into the clouds.

Planting a memorial Tree.

As our loved ones no longer grow with us we may watch the way a tree grows each year its branches get bigger its trunk stronger and steadier. it creates a sense of safeness watching your tree grow and the comfort it brings with a warm coffee sitting next to it remembering. 

Remembrance and Vigils.

There are many nights held by many organisations who care for the loss of your loved one also, we host special evenings throughout each calendar year for families, parents and children and would love for you to be a part of them.

please watch the events pages on our site

www.walkwithwings.com.au or Facebook page to keep updated.