Who Are We

Walk With Angels is a Walk With Wings Project. The aim of this project is to offer families of stillborn babies and families associated with child loss the opportunity to capture their babies hand and feet impressions in an everlasting lifelong keepsake.

Walk With Wings is a South Australian Not-for-profit Charity established in  2013 dedicated to supporting Premature Babies and and supporting families that have had to say goodbye to their child prematurely. 

The team at Walk With Wings have a personal understanding of having a child/ren born prematurely and the emotional roller coaster the journey having a premature baby takes parents and children. 

Through the highs and lows of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit right through to when parents leave the hospital with or without their precious child, Walk With Wings are here for you, to offer support and assistance through your next steps what ever they may be.

Through the journey founders Kerry and James Norris have been through, support services have been established to support parents with a premature baby and those who have had to say goodbye to their precious child too soon. 

The loving team of Volunteers at Walk With Wings provides support to families through Angelcare Sound and Movement Monitor Hire, Angel Castings from 16 weeks gestation, Premature Support Packages and Grief Counselling. All of Walk With Wings services are free of charge and accessible to families in South Australia with a baby born before 36 weeks gestation.

Harri's Story, Founder behind Walk With Wings

On the 6th of November 2012 at 6.30 am Harrison Robert Ray Norris surprised his Mummy that he was ready and it was time to go to the hospital. Once Kerry and James got there they were told "it was too late to stop your labour, your baby is breech and we need to take you to theater for an emergency cesarean now. We will be delivering your baby today!". 

Harri was born via emergency cesarean at 7.33 am at 33 weeks gestation. Harri weighed a tiny 4 pounds and only just fitted into 0000000 size clothes. Harri was a strong little man who fought so hard for such a young age, no matter what anyone said Harri was there to prove them wrong, their beautiful boy struggled to breathe, feed and gain weight requiring Oxygen, Steroids and Nasal Gastric Tubes among the many other obstacles a premature baby faces. Harri was finally given the all clear at 21 days old, he was able to finally come home and be with Mummy, Daddy, Zackary, Hannah and Lachlan

"Harri grew his angel wings and was no longer with us"

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